Nadine and Patrick: how did the two lovebirds meet?

Nadine and Patrick were officially married in Calgary and came straight from Canada to celebrate their union. While most Canadians fly to Mexico Or Cuba to celebrate this kind of event, they preferred to go to Paris since they were looking for a romantic city.

They wanted to share this moment being surrounded by a few gests, essentially their closest family.

They decided to rely on us to organize an intimate wedding, by choosing the French kiss package. The latter includes an officiant, a photographer and a rose bouquet.

After that, we planned this glorious day with the happy couple. First, we went over the text of their ceremony and the program that we customize each time. Then we talked about the place in which the ceremony would take place. Since the couple knew Paris a little bit, they chose the Tuileries garden. However, we suggested them the place where the ceremony would happen.

After the timing was defined with the couple, the only thing left was to schedule an appointment for the D day.

The ceremony took place during the afternoon, in the middle of August. There is no need to say that the garden wasn’t empty. But we always manage to find a quiet place to allow the guests some privacy. Besides, our photographers are mastering the art of showing only the married couple and their guests in the pictures. Sometimes they even manage to make the place look as if it was empty!

Nevertheless, Paris wouldn’t be Paris anymore without its tourists!

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