5 tips to help you choose your company’s event location

More and more firms try to boost their activity by creating events such as seminars, showrooms or parties for their employees. As you can well imagine, these kinds of events are an excellent lever of development for your company. However, they cannot be launched blindfolded.

There are many criteria to take into consideration, starting with the place where your event will take place. Be aware that the location is a key part of making your project a success. In other words, there’s no room for error. In this context, why not choose an event agency like Make it Happen? Our professionals offer you the guaranty of a 100% customized place.

#1 Set a goal for your company’s event

You decided to organize an event for your collaborators, work colleagues or your customers? Remember that it has to respond to a concrete goal, which will determine the location of you event. You must know that this location will differ if you choose to communicate about your brand or if the aim is to gather your collaborators. Remember that there’s a place for each purpose. The agency Make it Happen is aware of what is at stake. According to your expectations, they will recommend you some trendy and original places that will definitely match your needs.

#2 Define your target

You have already set a goal. It is now time to define which target your event addresses to. This is an essential criterion in order to find THE place to be. If you wish to welcome your collaborators, a workplace will be more appropriate. On the contrary, a more unusual place is recommended if you wish to attract artists to your temporary showroom.

#3 Anticipate the number of guests

Once your target is determined, you have to set a number of guests.  An area that is too small will most likely dissuade your collaborators or potential customers from coming. Nothing is less appealing than an enclosed space with no lights for a meeting with your contributors. A luminous room with large bay windows is probably a better idea, along with a catering service.

#4 The accessibility of a place

The accessibility of a place is not something to consider lightly during the organization of an event. It is essential for its success. When you explain your project to the Make it Happen agency, do not forget this specific point, especially if you’re expecting dozens of guests or contributors. 

#5 Determine your budget

Let’s not forget that money is the sinews of war! When you organize a company event, it is crucial to budget everything. Not only the amount allowed to the rental of your place, but also all the little extras. For instance, you might need money for a banquet, a cocktail or yet again, for computer equipment or logistics to carry out your event. Remember: happiness is the key to success! But fear not, if your budget is limited, you just need to be curious and resourceful to find cheaper means of organization.

It is important that you take all these elements into consideration, in order to realize this beautiful project with the Make it Happen agency. It’s precisely the tiny details that will make your seminar, showroom or party unforgettable. And so will be your collaboration with Make it Happen!

Article written for Make It Happen (the content can be freely modified by the client)

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