Choosing the right colors for you pop-up store

The brands understood it well: opening a pop-up store or a temporary shop has become a huge trend over the past few years. But before launching your event, you have to take some criteria into consideration, in order to make you temporary store your new showcase. Here’s how to choose the right color, for you to stand out from the competition and show the agency what spirit you want to give to your temporary shop.

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The history of the Paris Fashion Week: February 27th – March 6th 2018

Paris is welcoming the Fashion Week from February 27th to March 6th 2018. On this occasion, dozens of fashion shows will be organized in the French fashion capital along with the presence of models, designers and fashion journalists.

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5 tips to help you choose your company’s event location


More and more firms try to boost their activity by creating events such as seminars, showrooms or parties for their employees. As you can well imagine, these kinds of events are an excellent lever of development for your company. However, they cannot be launched blindfolded. Continuer la lecture de « 5 tips to help you choose your company’s event location »

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Nadine and Patrick: how did the two lovebirds meet?

Nadine and Patrick were officially married in Calgary and came straight from Canada to celebrate their union. While most Canadians fly to Mexico Or Cuba to celebrate this kind of event, they preferred to go to Paris since they were looking for a romantic city.

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How to promote your temporary showroom?


You own a store or a website? You wish to make your brand attractive? Well done, you’ve taken good resolutions! How about organizing a temporary showroom to make yourself known? It is an excellent way to meet your customers, try a new product range or simply get some publicity. More and more designers choose the temporary showroom for these reasons. This kind of artistic event is the perfect occasion to boost your notoriety. But what is the best way to promote your showroom? Make it Happen is the perfect ally for this wonderful adventure. Continuer la lecture de « How to promote your temporary showroom? »

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ROGER-FACTORY – Who are we ?

roger-fac tory

What is Roger Factory?

black and white ceramic mug on brown wooden table

Roger-factory is an e-commerce website specialized in food products, mostly liquids. It is designed for the general audience as well as the professionals (coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, snacks, etc.) and associations. Continuer la lecture de « ROGER-FACTORY – Who are we ? »

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