How to promote your temporary showroom?

You own a store or a website? You wish to make your brand attractive? Well done, you’ve taken good resolutions! How about organizing a temporary showroom to make yourself known? It is an excellent way to meet your customers, try a new product range or simply get some publicity. More and more designers choose the temporary showroom for these reasons. This kind of artistic event is the perfect occasion to boost your notoriety. But what is the best way to promote your showroom? Make it Happen is the perfect ally for this wonderful adventure.

What are the main advantages of organizing a temporary showroom?

For many designers, CEOs or entrepreneurs, it is sometimes difficult to diversify their means of communication. Obviously you thought about creating a website and being active on the social medias. But what’s missing is a proper contact with your audience. You can achieve this goal by organizing a temporary showroom.

Indeed this event will allow you to put a face to your core target or yet promote your product in the best possible way to your potential customers. Nothing beats a direct contact if you want to create a very special bond with your clients and retain your future buyers.

Organizing a temporary showroom is an excellent way to show your universe, your sources of inspiration and the different brands that trust you. It is also a great opportunity to try a new product on the market, and see if it’s attractive.

But let’s face it, people are mostly going to a showroom to have a good time and feel pampered. Nothing beats an exceptional place where you can admire some exceptional brands. But for this to happen, you have to find THE place to be.

The event agency Make it Happen will offer you a wide range of trendy places. Thanks to its address book, the agency will do its best match your expectations and to highlight the different brands that you represent. Do not hesitate to challenge them: they love it!

How do I attract people to my temporary showroom?

You decided to embark on the crazy temporary showroom adventure? It is now time to set up a communication plan to encourage your clients to meet you, and make them want to come to your event.

The agency Make it Happen will organize your temporary showroom in an unusual and trendy place, which can be a great starting point for your communication strategy. In this context, why not go to your chosen location and take some pictures? You can later post them on the social medias or your website.

And what about keeping your location secret until the opening of your showroom? You can post some pictures on the social medias, but without revealing the actual place of your event. Even better, you can install a count-down on your website, to reinforce the suspense. Your clients will be looking forward to be there! If you already created a database with all your client’s personal information, you can then send them a personalized text 24 hours before the D-day, with the place of location, the date and the starting time of your temporary showroom.

The Make it Happen agency is used to collaborate with artists. Do not hesitate to ask them for some help regarding your visual or photographs. They are a great way to create curiosity among your followers and clients. You can definitely make some signs or flyers in the places recommended by the agency. They are highly attractive for your potential customers. But most importantly, you can count on Make it Happen to make your event a success.

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