Choosing the right colors for you pop-up store

The brands understood it well: opening a pop-up store or a temporary shop has become a huge trend over the past few years. But before launching your event, you have to take some criteria into consideration, in order to make you temporary store your new showcase. Here’s how to choose the right color, for you to stand out from the competition and show the agency what spirit you want to give to your temporary shop.

Why is the choice of colors so important when you open your pop-up store?

Everybody reacts in a different way in front of a color.  For instance, when we see a bottle of soda with a red label, we instantly know that it is a Coca-Cola bottle. Thus, it is vital that you choose wisely the colors that you want to highlight in your pop-store. Know that for 85% of the customers, the color triggers the purchase. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a color that matches with your brand for your pop-up store.

How to choose the right color?

There is a method to help you choose your colors. Its name: the 60-30-10. It means: 60% dedicated to you main color, 30% for your secondary one and 10% for you last one. This technique allows you to choose the right shade panel for the creation of your website or flyers, and obviously to choose the right design for your pop-store. Know that colors equal emotion for a client. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the feelings we feel when we see one color or another.

  • Yellow: youth, happiness, optimism. It gives a young and positive image to your brand.
  • Red: love, danger, sensuality, fire, promotion. This color gives a unique atmosphere to your pop-up store.
  • Blue: dream, wisdom, truth, freshness. It is the world’s most loved color.
  • Green: hope, nature, ecology. It is very trendy and perfect for wealthy customers.
  • Black: Subtlety, luxury, balance, neutrality. It goes very well with white.

Thanks to these advices, you are now able to choose the right colors for you temporary store and communicate them, for instance, through our event agency Make It Happen. We will  do our best to find THE ideal location for your pop-store.

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