ROGER-FACTORY – Who are we ?

What is Roger Factory?

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Roger-factory is an e-commerce website specialized in food products, mostly liquids. It is designed for the general audience as well as the professionals (coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, snacks, etc.) and associations.

Nothing extraordinary so far…

We entered an era where consumers need to know what they consume. They search for meaning, explanations, innovations and proof.

The adventure “C’est qui le patron ?! ” is a great example of this quest for meaning. It shows that most of the consumers are looking to make changes and to consume in an ethical, qualitative and transparent way. People do not decide for them anymore.

It became obvious that beyond its status of e-shop, Roger-factory had to explain, prove and tell everything there is to know about food, but also create a community of active consumers. In a nutshell: GIVE A NEW MEANING TO OUR CONSUMPTION.

Roger-factory imagined the first e-commerce website that gives a new meaning to our consumption. How so? By bringing together products that have a 100% honest policy about their recipes, which respect mankind and encourage initiatives.

The goal


Each product has a story to tell: a story of individuals, of raw materials, of a manufacturing process or a particular recipe. The main goal of Roger-factory is to explain all that and offer innovative products that stand out or are hard to find.

Therefore, the e-shop website comes along with a blog which places men on the center, including the producers and the consumers. It will offer explanations, interviews, recipes and testimonies.

The commitment

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Roger-factory encourages you to seize control, so you can claim a more ethical, responsible but also enjoyable way of consuming. We translate that commitment into five pillars.

The Pillars

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Allow people to express themselves and facilitate communication between those who seek meaning or those who whish to share their ideas and their experience.


Give an opportunity to new initiatives, take reasonable risks while keeping an open mind. Also, do not make any compromise when it comes to quality and constantly improve ourselves.


Respect and acknowledge all the actors of the chain, from the producer to the consumer. Be transparent and measure the impacts on products.


Bring happiness, fun, emotions. In other words, offer original and healthy products that we enjoy consuming and sharing.


Find the right economical balance between the actors, be a source progress, look for talent and expertise. Accept that the products can be limited in choice (seasonality effect, production capacity).

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation.

The categories

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Vegetal Water / Drinks and juices / Vegetal drinks / Dairy products / Hops / Grocery


You love that craft brewery’s beer from the village nearby; your cousin makes an amazing home-made jam or you, yourself have a food project? Do contact us!

Roger’s benefits

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For the website’s launch, everyone will be able to sponsor members of their choice: the godparents and their godchildren will receive a five-euro voucher (provided the godchildren places and order).
Please note that at the beginning, the range of products will be limited. However, you will still find juices, milk, beers, cider* , etc. For everything else, it is our wish to let the community decide!

Find many other products on

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health; alcoholic beverages should be consumed with moderation. Selling or offering alcoholic beverages to minors under 18 is forbidden. Not recommended to pregnant women.

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